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EVE Online pirate wanted "to be the bump in the night, the bad guy"

by: Randy -
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This is what I'm talking about. Well, more accurately, this is what EVE Online is known for. Espionage. Piracy. Those terms are largely synonymous. But here is the origin story of one player, Jayne Fillon, and his descent into the world of EVE piracy. His story doesn't get too detailed, but it's intense nonetheless. The video below fits into a series of interviews with actual players, aligning this newest vid with the developer's philosophy of "EVE is real."

This happened circa 2012. Because in 2013, Fillon and a few friends founded Spectre Fleet, a player-run corporation in EVE. Only a few years later, Spectre Fleet now has a community of over 8,000 members, knit together by 150 volunteers that organize daily events, and even instruct new players on various topics. Fillon also serves on EVE's Council of Stellar Management, making him a player-elected official that bridges the gap between players and developer CCP.

EVE Online has been running since 2003. Ten years of slow and steady growth brought it up to half a million subscribers by 2013. And on November 11 of this year, EVE added a free-to-play component that is being taken advantage of by subscribers and non-subscribers alike.