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No Man's Sky Steam page verdict delivered: no further action required

by: Aidan -
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Recently the No Man's Sky Steam page was scrutinized by folks from advertising standards. The game received 23 complaints about its Steam page from which players felt the videos and images portrayed were misleading. Advanced animal AI, graphical issues and cries of misrepresentation have plagued the release the of No Man's Sky. Hello Games, the developers of No Man's Sky, were pretty quiet on the matter and said little over social media.

The advertising standards team have ruled that no further action is required, and that all is in order.You can catch the complete disclosure released by the advertising standards department HERE. Be warned, its a lengthy read.

The most recent and substantial No Man's Sky update, the Foundation Update, is said to have injected some much needed substance into the game play. In case you've just returned from an intergalactic resource expedition and need to catch up on whats happening, you can find details on the Foundation Update here, details on base building here and Randys complete review here