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Get mad but get even in EVE Online

by: Randy -
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You can be a lot of things in EVE Online. A miner. A trader. An explorer. A pirate. A fleet commander. A corporate CEO. You can play a lot of these roles in your career. You can avoid other career options entirely. But there's one thing you won't be able to avoid. At some point, you'll want to take revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge.

Look, at some point during your time in EVE, you're gonna get got. You're going to be alone and get jumped. Or you're going to be flying a gank fleet that ends up getting ganked itself. Or you'll be minding your own business, mining your own business, even, when you get jacked. It could be any one of a thousand scenarios that sets you up for failure. Which, in turn, turns your mind to revenge.

That's the concept EVE explores in this video. Revenge. But it also gives you one of the single most important pieces of advice you'll ever hear: don't fly a ship you can't afford to replace. There's always that temptation to throw every Interstellar Kredit you own into the next hottest ship, that newer gun turret, that better shield protection. The temptation to fly around in something new and shiny is always a problem. And that's when it especially hurts when someone else out there playing EVE decides to take it from you. Whether they take it by ransom, by force, or by blowing up your ship with you in it. There's always somebody better out there. And one day, that person is going to find you and kill you.

Embrace that feeling you're left with. Embrace that desire to take revenge. It's part of the fun of EVE Online. Because EVE does drama. You won't be able to avoid it forever. So make your cautionary tales and your hunger to backlash somebody part of your story.

EVE Online is on PC and now has a free-to-play component.