Star Citizen has posted 766 videos in YouTube but at least the last few have been more entertaining

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If nothing else, your millions and millions of Star Citizen crowdfunding dollars are going into the production of hours and hours of video content. You can't even begin to count the number of video series Star Citizen puts out—but let's try:

1) Around the Verse
2) Reverse the Verse
3) Bugsmashers
4) Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy
5) Monthly Subscriber's Town Hall
6) 10 for the Artists
7) 10 for the Writers 
8) 10 for the Designers
9) 10 for the Developers
10) 10 for the Producers 
11) 10 for the Chairman 
12) Meet the Devs
13) The Wonderful World of Star Citizen
14) Squadron 42
15) Wingman's Hangar 
16) Behind the Scenes 

Which is not to mention videos of livestreams, CitizenCons, Gamescom, The Next Great Starship, Inside Cloud Imperium Games, and dozens of commercials for the dozens of purchasable ships that are funding this glut of video content. These aren't all one- and two-minute videos. These often run upwards of 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Some bump up against the 60-minute mark. Occasionally you'll find a Let's Play of Wing Commander that runs eight hours or so. I should watch that one, though. That one sounds great.

No, I'm not going to count up how many hundreds of hours of video there is for a video game that is in perpetual beta. But I can tell you, as of right now, Star Citizen's YouTube channel has 766 videos in it. Seven hundred sixty-six videos! In four years of production, on average, they've released more than 3.5 videos per week, every week, for those four years.

Is developer Chris Roberts doing this for the sake of transparency? When is transparancy too much transparency? 

But hey, as long as each one of these videos clocks in a minimum of 30,000 views (which they do), and as long as some of those videos go on to grab anywhere between 100,000 and 1 million views (which a few certainly have), then Star Citizen will keep the cameras rolling. 

One of the more frivolous video series Star Citizen started posting is called the "Galactic Tour," where a CG middle aged fake TV show host attends a starship convention. It's like a car show but for, y'know, internet spaceships. They're at least entertainingly fun and funny more than just dryly informative, and they mercifully clock in under two minutes each. Here's the latest of six Galactic Tour videos posted within the last four days.

Star Citizen is playable in some form or another, but there's no date for a full retail launch. And Squadron 42, the star-studded single-player component of Star Citizen, just announced that it's missing its 2016 launch window and moving further back into 2017. Both are PC only.


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