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2K sales starting Black Friday through Cyber Monday

by: Michelle -
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Starting at 12:01AM on Black Friday, the 2K store will be having deals on merchandise for all the games launched this fall including: Civilization VI, Mafia III, BioShock: The Collection, Mafia III, WWE 2K17, NBA 2K17, and XCOM 2. There will be a Power of 2K Bundle released for $199 for PS4 or XBox One which includes BioShock: The Collection, Mafia III, NBA 2K17, WWE 2K17 and XCOM 2 and a bonus of Battleborn!

Also, there will be deals this holiday weekend on 2K games at the following retailers: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Toys R Us, Amazon, Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live