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Niantic gives thanks with a new Pokemon GO event

by: Jeremy -
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A few weeks ago, Pokemon GO ran its first special event in celebration of Halloween. Double candy for practically every action in the game was something that made fans of the game very happy. This week, Niantic is looking to say thanks to all of those loyal players with another event running through the Thanksgiving holiday.

Beginning November 23 and running through November 30, Pokemon GO will dish out double experience and stardust for all actions in the game that normally gives for in-game actions. That means that Pokestops will garner you 100xp and catching Pokemon will net you 200xp. Now, throw in the effects of a Lucky Egg and players could could be raking in four times the standard payout for these things. This is the perfect time to make the push for level 30 if you haven’t made it there already.

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