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Persona 5 has been delayed until April 4th

by: Nathan -
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Atlus USA held a special two hour livestream today completely focused on the North American release of the game complete with the first ever gameplay demo of the the game. Unfortunately, Atlus had to also drop the devastating news that Persona 5 will be missing it's original February 14th release date and will now be released on April 4th 2017. 

You can watch a replay of the entire two hour event on their official Twitch stream.

It sucks the game has been delayed but if it means the game will ship without and issues. Then I am willing to accept it. The cool thing though is that we got three new trailers for the game. We got two character introduction videos this week for Yusuke Kitagawa, voiced by Mathew Mercer and Makoto Niijima, voiced by Cherami Leigh and we got a video showing off some of the ways that you can spend your free time in Persona 5. Finally Atlus USA revealed the final artwork for all of the goodies in the Steel Book Edition and the Take Your Heart collectors edition.

Be sure to check out the other character reveal videos as well. 


Ryuji Sakamoto

Ann Takamaki 

The Protagonist

Persona 5 launches on PS3 and PS4 now on April 4th 2017.

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