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The Playstation Store has some pretty great games on sale for the next two weeks

by: Nathan -
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The Playstation Store is turning 10 years old and to celebrate they will be holding deals on some pretty great games for the next two weeks. Between PS4, PS3, Vita and the PSP, there are some great games on sale here. Me personally I am going to load up my Vita with some PS One Classics. 

These are just a couple of deals that are going on throughout the week. Check out the official website for a full list of deals.

Playstation 4

  • Grand Theft Auto V - $35.99
  • Grand Theft Auto Trilogy (PS2 Classics) - $20.99
  • Bloodborne Complete Edition: $19.99
  • Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls Collection: $15.99 

Playstation 3 & PS Vita 

  • Katamari Damacy (PS2 Classic) - $3.49
  • Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (PS2 Classic) - $3.49. This is in my opinion, the best wrestling game ever made 
  • Chrono Trigger (PS One Classic) - $1.99