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SMITE gets a new god and tons of skins in the newest patch

by: Nathan -
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The latest patch for the PC version of SMITE should be launching sometime tomorrow and it's filled will some pretty awesome content. 

First up is a new god, Thoth "Arbiter of the damned". Thoth will fill the Egyptian mage role. Thoth has some pretty unique abilities including a passive where all kills will add names to his book. Every 30 names in his book he gets a stack of 5 magical penetration. At level 1 he can gain a maximum of 1 stack, 2 at level 5, 3 at level 9, 4 at level 13, 5 at level 17. His ultimate is one of those abilities that can deal insane damage but looks like it will be pretty hard to pull off since it's a skill shot and he is NOT crowd control immune during the start up phase. You can get a full rundown of his abilities include info about damage numbers and cooldown in the official patch notes. 

In terms of skins, four new Odyssey items are being introduced in this patch. "High Noon" Sylvanus and "Igneous" Terra will be available for purchase and "Barron Frostchild" Ymir will be available as a collection reward. Speaking of Sylvanus, he will be getting his updated mastery skins and Camazotz will be getting his mastery skins as well. 

This years SMITE World Championship digital loot pack will also be available to purchase and includes some pretty awesome skins. The SWC digital will contain four skins, a recall effect, global emote, ward skin and a divine chest roll for 1500 gems. Here is everything available in this years loot pack. 

  • "Heebee Chibi" Hades
  • "SWC 2017" Amaterasu
  • "SWC 2017" Apollo
  • "Convention 2017" Khepri
  • SWC 2017 Ward Skin (Limited)
  • Thundersticks Global Emote (Limited)
  • SWC 2017 Recall Effect (Limited)
  • Divine Chest Roll 

For the full list of patch notes, including all the buffs and nerfs (RIP Terra) check out SMITE's official website.


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