The Necromancer is making his return to Diablo III next year

by: John -
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Ah the Necromancer. He was the one classed I really got into when playing Diablo II. Well, next year he comes back and will be available for Diablo III.

No price has been announced for the Rise of the Necromancer pack, but you'll be getting a new class to play with, a pet, two more character slots, two more stash tabs on the PC, and a few other small items.

The Witch Doctor was considered the replacement for the Necromancer in Diablo III, but he wasn't really the same. And for those wondering if the two will be similar when the Necromancer comes out, of course not.

We got corpse explosions, bone spears, blood siphoning, and conjuring up a skeleton army. It's going to be a fun time taking an old class through new areas.

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