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EA is in trouble for making World War 1 memes to promote Battlefield 1

by: Chapel -
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If that isn't the most 2016 sentence I've ever written, I don't know what possibly could be.

EA produced several Battlefield 1/World War 1 themed memes as promotional material on Twitter. Due to the obviously brutal and tragic nature of World War 1, some people have taken offense from the flippant nature of the memes in question.

This raises an interesting question, because if memes are too disrespectful, then surely making a video game about it is disrespectful as well? It begins to blur the line between reverence and entertainment, and it is intriguing to me that more people are upset about some memes than they are about hundreds of thousands of players using this tragedy as a form of entertainment. I personally don't think either is offensive in any way, but I'm very curious to see what else may come of this.