Get to know the Ghosts from Ghost Recon: Wildlands

by: Chapel -
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Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a game I'm really, really hoping is going to be great. This whole series has been a quiet love of mine for many years, yet I feel like not a single entry has ever done everything right.

The newest entries have a tendency to sway way to heavily into the action department, losing the stealth and subterfuge aspect you would expect of a unit called Ghosts. Thankfully, this new trailer talks a lot about how the team blends into the shadows and the environment, so hopefully that won't be lost in Wildlands.

The trailer below is more of a tone piece than a trailer with much information, and to be honest it's a little silly, but it does give an indication of where they are taking this project. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but so far it looks like it's the right direction.