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Battlefield 1 is getting both Hardcore and Classic modes (eventually)

by: Chapel -
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After being asked on Twitter for probably at least the hundredth time, Battlefield 1 producer Ali Hassoon (or Striterax) confirmed that there will be both a hardcore mode and a classic mode in Battlefield 1 at some point in the future.

The classic mode people are referring to is an old school, class-based mode where rather than using your customized loadout, you choose from a few presets. Hardcore mode, according to Striterax, will change the bullet damage to 200%, while keeping the player health at 100%, in addition to the usual hud restrictions. He also says they're looking in to adding a manual compass to replace the minimap.

No dates for any of this so far, but Battlefield 1 is plenty excellent to keep you busy in the meantime anyway.