Hell Followed DLC now available

by: Sean Colleli -
More On: DOOM

Doom has just dished out its latest DLC pack, Hell Followed. This $14.99 add-on has three new maps, including the Orbital space station which looks like something out of Unreal Tournament. You also get the new Reaper weapon, which is a hellish claw-thingy with a wicked-awesome skull on it that shoots Argent energy, apparently. This pack also gives you a new demon rune that turns you into a Cacodemon, making it one of the more entertaining and unique gameplay additions.

I wasn't terribly impressed with Doom's multiplayer when I reviewed it back in May. I'm glad the team at id is still adding content to balance out what was a pretty confused and lackluster deathmatch mode at launch, but paying 15 bucks for a handful of maps and a new weapon here and there just makes the whole experience feel even more like Halo or Call of Duty. For now, I think I'll tinker around with Snapmap until I come up with something that feels more authentic.

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