Starter Pokemon's final evolutions revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

by: Russell -
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A few weeks ago we got a look at the first stage of evolution for the new starter Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon, but as with all of the past games each starter will have two stages of evolution (not counting any Mega Evolutions) and the final stage has been revealed.

First off is Decidueye, the evolved form of Dartrix and final form of Rowlett.  Decidueye actually ditches it's Flying type and is now a dual Grass/Ghost-type which I believe makes it the first starter Pokemon to be a Ghost-type in any of its evolutions.  Decidueye can learn the physical Ghost-type move Spirit Shackle, a move that only Decidueye can learn that prevents opponents from fleeing battle or switching out to another Pokemon.

Next up is Incineroar, the evolved form of Torracat and the final form of Litten.  Incineroar is a dual Fire/Dark-type Pokemon that also has a move only it can learn: Darkest Lariat.  This physical Dark-type move allows Incineroar to deal damage while ignoring any status changes the opponent might have, such as increases or decreases in attack or defense.  Sounds kind of like a double edged sword as if the opponent's defense has been decreased as well as their attack by whatever means, Darkest Lariat will ignore both of those changes, not just those beneficial to Incineroar.

Finally is Primarina, the evolved form of Brionne and the final form of Popplio.  Primarina is a dual Water/Fairy-type Pokemon that has a special move only it can learn called Sparkling Aria which negates the effects of the burn status on its target.  I'm taking a wild guess that since it's a special move that it's more for two-on-two or three-on-three battles and it kind of useless in one-on-one situations.  Still, give that the other two got physical damaging attacks, a status healing move is a nice change.

The new trailer also shows off a few new Pokemon and Alola Forms, the Alola Island Guardians, as well as the Battle Tree where you can battle and team up with past Pokemon champions such as Cynthia and Wally.  But that's not all as at the end of the video you see a scene in which you can challenge two "legend" trainers: Blue and Red.  Yes, you can fight against the protagonist and rival from the original games.