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Nintendo resurrects the Cruis’n franchise for arcades

by: Jeremy -
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No, this is not a joke. Nintendo is teaming up with Raw Thrills to bring the classic racing franchise back to arcades. Nintendo had worked with Midway on a number of entries in the franchise, but this is the first one since Midway went out of business back in 2010. Cruis’n Blast is coming soon to arcades!

You can check out the trailer for the game below and see that this is filling a void that exists in the industry: fast, fun, arcade racers! Too many racing games are focused on the simulation genre; a lot of us miss the classic, over the top, insane racing games that are all about fun. Cruis’n Blast looks insane with racers dodging ferris wheels rolling down cityscapes and flipping over the competition, literally. Hopefully this makes its way to Nintendo’s consoles, even if just as a digital release. I miss games like this!

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