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Nintendo's new console is the Nintendo Switch

by: Sean Colleli -
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The reveal is finally here. The Nintendo Switch, coming March 2017, is a versatile hybrid home and portable console that looks like it will blur the lines between those two modes of gameplay. The main unit itself appears to hook up to your TV like a normal console and can be played with a traditional controller. However, a portable screen can be undocked from the console and attached to two removable side controllers.

In this fashion it can be played like a portable, but these side controllers can be removed and used by multiple people for multiplayer, with the portable screen acting displaying the action or functioning like a tablet. Games shown off for the device include the previously announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with a new Mario title on display, Splatoon and even Skyrim. Check out the reveal trailer below and stay tuned for more details.