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Battleborn gets its first DLC

by: Rob -
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2K and Gearbox have released the first DLC for Battleborn, which includes the story mission Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, and have also released a new PvP mode, Face-Off. Battleborn has seen a few free goodies released since launch, including characters, maps, and other updates; and Face-Off is coming in for free to the whole playing community as well. In Face-Off, players hunt and kill Varelsi, depositing their collectible masks for points. Masks can be stolen by opponents if you get KO'ed before making the deposit. For more on Face-Off, check out the official blog post.
As for the DLC, Attikus and the THRALL Rebellion, it can be picked up as a standalone purchase for $4.99 or as part of the Season pass at $19.99, It provides the backstory on Attikus and how he came to fight in the Thrall uprising on Tempest. The operation includes chances to unlock new skins, titles, taunts and chances to earn Faction Commander Packs and promises value in repeat playthroughs as dialogue, enemies, and objectives can change each time. Additional details are again on the official blog.

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