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Each of Battlefield 1's single player campaigns get a mini trailer

by: Chapel -
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As you probably know if you're interested in Battlefield 1, there are five separate chapters to the single player campaign. Each chapter sees you take on a different front of the war, through the eyes of a different soldier.

This hearkens back to the earlier Call of Duty games, which saw you fighting as different soldiers in different theaters of war. It's a great way to show the scale of a conflict like World War 1 without having some contrived reason for one group of characters to go all over the place.

You can watch the trailers for yourself below. Battlefield 1 will be released October 21st for the general public, but there are a few ways to play it early. If you're a member of EA Access, you can play some select parts of it starting tomorrow, the 13th. If you buy the $80 Early Enlister edition, you can start playing it on the 18th.