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Get started one WWE 2K17 with this Controls video

by: Rob -
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Back in day, games used to come with thick booklets detailing all elements of a game and how to control them. This evolved over time into a single page mapping buttons to actions and nowadays not even that as control mappings and tutorials started being hosted in-game. But often these in-game tutorials or absent or insufficient, and with the iterative nature of many titles, especially sports games, as they build off previous versions it can become very difficult to jump into an established franchise and get going as the controller itself and complex inputs become more a hinderance than a help.

That's why I appreciate the folks at 2K taking the time to put together this video highlighting the basic controls for WWE 2K17. It's nice to just see a quick run down and does well to prep you to at least get in the ring and into the swing of things before tackling more advanced maneuvers. It's about 5 minutes long and is pretty exhaustive in what it runs through, but does so in such a quick fire session that, while it might not be the best teaching aid to zero in on a specific move, it serves as a reminder of all the actions that can be unlocked. Gameplay getting stagnant, pop over to this video and get a jostling of you memory for all the other ways to approach an encounter.