Thumper punches people in the face and wins awards doing it

by: Randy -
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Thumper is out now and, secretly but not so secretly, it might be the best launch title coming out on PlayStation VR. Thumper is a music rhythm game. No one will tell you it's melodic, per se. But it is a music rhythm game. Its initial "rhythm violence" tagline has been its best descriptor, and no one in the press has been able to come up with a better description since. That's OK. The press doesn't have to, because rhythm violence is so apt.

Our own Matt Mirkovich is hardcore. He showed up at E3 2016, a VR skeptic. His very first VR appointment was with developer Drool, the folks that made Thumper. Drool is only two people, by the way. Two people just racking up awards for this game. Anyway, Mirkovich shows up at E3 2016 and his very first experience with virtual reality was 10 minutes of Thumper

Mirkovich walked out of there a believer. A little bruised and battered from the beat 'em up gameplay, but a believer nonetheless.

Thumper is out now, October 10, on PC and PlayStation 4, and on the PlayStation VR launch on October 13.