Starter evolutions revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

by: Russell -
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With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon getting closer, Nintendo has been revealing new Pokemon and info about the games over the past months, but something that a lot of people might be wondering is just what the starter Pokemon's evolutions will look like.  Well today Nintendo has your least for the first stage of evolution.  The three evolved starters are Dartrix (Rowlett), Torracat (Litten), and Brionne (Popplio).  All three evolutions will retain the abilities and types of their basic forms.  Given that the game's launch isn't until late next month, I wouldn't be surprised if we get the final evolutions of these three within the next few weeks.

The video also goes into a little info about Festival Plaza, a place where you can use the game's communication features to interact with other players.  Fulfilling other players' requests will earn you Festival Coins which can be used in various shops.  There's also Poke Pelago which is described as a paradise for the Pokemon in your PC boxes.  Here they can enjoy themselves, find valuable items, possibly attract wild Pokemon to join your team, and even train and level up similar to the daycare centers in previous games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will launch on November 18th, but on October 18th you can download the demo from the eShop which lets you play a bit with a "special Pokemon" which is Greninja.  Furthermore, Greninja has the ability to bond with its trainer and become Ash-Greninja from the anime.  You can then transfer Ash-Greninja to the full game once it's released.