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Capcom brings some holiday cheer to SF5 for Halloween

by: Jeremy -
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Street Fighter 5 has finally completed doling out all of the goods for it’s first season of content with last week’s title update. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t more in store for Capcom’s latest fighter. The developer has revealed plans for some Halloween themed content for the game that will be available next week.

This celebratory content will only be available for a limited time, until the end of November. Fans of the game will have the ability to purchase a variety of Halloween themed Premium Costumes as well as a themed version of the Russia stage through the in-game shop. While the stage is rather straight forward, I must admit that many of these costumes (pictured below) look amazing. The Bushido-Ken in particular is near the top of my shopping list!

You can check out some pics of the new content down below and find them in the game’s store beginning October 11. As usual, the Premium Costumes will be priced at $3.99 a piece and the stage $1.99 (or 40K Fight Money).