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Check out this Falls Count Anywhere match between Sasha Banks and Bayley in WWE 2K17

by: Nathan -
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WWE 2K17 is a few shorts weeks away and Russell Archey's hands on preview of the game went up today. It seems like the curtain has fully gone up as tons of other videos and previews have been posted as well and one of those would be from Youtuber Smacktalks, who does an amazing job each year with his coverage of WWE 2K games.

Smacktalks has uploaded a full 16 minute match between Bayley and Sasha Banks. This match was also a Falls Count Anywhere match so we are able to see tons of mechanics including break outs, crowd fighting and backstage brawls in action. Man, I was happy that crowd fighting was back but I didn't realize just how large the areas are where you can fight in the crowd. The backstage brawls looks great as well.