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Titanfall 2 in 4K

by: Rob -
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Have GTX 1080, will travel. My experience playing Titanfall on the PC seemed like I was very much suffering the effects of diving into an unwanted afterthought of a console port, tacked on to ship a few more units when Xbox was getting all the love. The 60 GB download was a slap in the face and the joy I got from a game I really did enjoy playing was dampened between every match as I would regularly hit 20 and 30 minute matchmaking times. 

This time around, things look to be a bit brighter. There's no way Titanfall 2 is going to hit 60 fps in 4K unless the PC version is getting some major attention, and ReSpawn and NVIDIA have announced just that, Titanfall 2 in 4K/60 fps for PC. Now the video below was captured on an NVIDIA Titan X card, but they're claiming that a GTX 1080 will be sufficient for the 4K Titanfall 2 experience. You can find more technical details and recommended specs for all the levels of video output at the links above.

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