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2K gives us a quick look at some of the brand new taunts in WWE 2K17

by: Nathan -
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2K games have everyone a tour though Suplex City yesterday as the WWE 2K17 TV spot was released. Today they released a small update about one of the updated features in the game. The one thing that I am really loving about all of the new updates in WWE 2K17 is how 2K has been going through the games and fixing a lot of the little things that have been quite bothersome in previous games. One of these updates is with the revamped "taunting" system.

For years each wrestler in the game would have four taunts assigned to the d-pad. Really the only thing these taunts were used for were filling your momentum meter so you could quickly get your signature and finishers. The down side is that you could easily just stand there and constantly spam taunts to fill your meter and this really didn't capture the look and feel of taunting on WWE TV. The other thing is that you could only taunt in two positions. Either in the ring or outside the ring. 

This year taunts work in one of two ways. You can use them to give yourself a damage boost, or you can use them to fill your momentum meter. The other great thing is that this year there are tons of new positions you can taunt from including the ring apron, the corner, wake ups and the turnbuckles. The WWE 2KDev youtube channel released a new video showing off the massive amount of new taunts that are included in this year game.