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Hi Rez's FPS shooter, Paladins is now in open beta

by: Nathan -
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Hi-Rez's Free to Play FPS competitive shooter, Paladins has been in closed beta for a few years now, but it's finally time to open it up and let everyone enjoy it as the game has officially entered open beta. The open beta will launch with a new UI, new match lobby, 17 champions, a third map, a enhanced item system and the ability to mix and match head, body and leg skins for all of the characters. 

One of the unique things about Paladins is its card collection system. By playing the game, you can earn card packs featuring cards for each of the games characters. These cards can then be used in game, almost like items in a MOBA that you buy from the store. Some of these cards will could give certain abilities decreased cooldowns, increased damage, or in the case of the legendary cards, give you a huge advantage with the option to change some of your ultimate abilities. For instance, your normal might let you place three turrets. A legendary card could give you the option to place three turrets at once. Another legendary may let you place one turret but with a huge health boost to make it harder to damage. I have been playing the beta for quite some time and I have absolutely loved it. 

They have also teamed up with Valve to give away a special Team Fortress themed skin for the character Barik. To unlock the skin, all you have to do is win five games a Barik while playing the Steam version of the game.  to offer 

You can join the open beta by either downloading the game from or through Steam.

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