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PS4 and Vita descend into the Darkest Dungeon next week

by: Randy -
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There is no future scenario in which Darkest Dungeon isn't one of the most wonderfully artistic creations ever in video gaming. That's in addition to the brutal moment-to-moment tactical strategy that bludgeons your brain with every poor choice, every missed opportunity. The darkness encroaches the corners of your screen—soon on your PlayStation 4's TV screen—and, after so many rounds, you'll start to feel the chunk and whirrrr of the gears moving in your head.

This is a roguelike dungeon crawler that not too many games have been able to touch yet. You manage a stable of heroes, each with their own vices, loves, hates, and baggage full of neurosis. Landing critical hits is only half the game. The other half is managing your heroes' stress levels. They've got to keep their cool, or their post-traumatic stress is going to take them out of the fight—and possibly hurting others in the process.

Abandon hope, but keep your torch bright. Darkest Dungeon is on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on Tuesday, September 27. It's been available on PC since January 19.

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