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New WWE 2K17 trailer shows off this years creation suite features

by: Nathan -
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WWE 2K17 is about a month away and 2K released a new trailer showing off all of this years creation features. This is what I personally have been waiting for since the creation suite is where I spent most of my time. I can spend hours and hours and hours just creating arenas, titles and characters. Seriously, the WWE Games in my opinion have one of the best character creation suites, not just in the sports genre of games, but all genres. There is more depth in WWE's creation suite then some RPG's have. 

This year we have Create a Wrestler, Create a Moveset, Create a Show, Create an Arena, Create an Entrance, Create a Championship, Create a Video, and Create a Victory. 

In terms of create a wrestler, 2K has added a new body hair function to compliment new hair styles and facial hair. There are also new skin effects including wrinkles, blemishes, scars, burn marks and more. 

Create an arena this year has a few small tweaks including being able to make all three turnbuckle pads a different color. Of course they have added more base arenas, props, and entrances to allow you to create a wider variety of arenas this year. My favorite feature in create an arena is that there is a "bad VHS" filter you can add to arenas to give it an 80's or tape traded bingo hall feel. 

There are also a couple of new features this year. 

Create a video utilizes the highlight reel feature which has been MIA for a couple of games. With this feature, you can save moments from your matches and then use those videos to cut together a video package of highlights from your matches. You can also add words, logos, and effects to your videos as well. These videos can then be used as titantron videos for your created characters entrance. 

Finally this year will introduce the "Create a victory" feature which seems like you can assign your created wrestler a variety of different victory animations that will come into play after they finish the match. This is a very welcome feature because it kinda always took me out of the game when I would have this huge, menacing, Undertaker like CAW who would start crying, and start running around the ring, hopping on the turnbuckles after I won a title. 

I wasn't a big fan of WWE 2K15, the first game 2K made but they have been getting better and better each year and this years game looks no different. 

WWE 2K17 comes out October 11th on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.