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FIFA 17's "The Journey" could be one of the best things in the franchise's history

by: Sean Cahill -
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FIFA 17's demo dropped today on all platforms, though we're hearing that Playstation 4 users are having issues with the PS Store after the update to Version 4.0 unfortunately. Hopefully Sony gets those issues resolved, but once you do get to download the demo of this year's game, there is a chance to try out one of the experiences in The Journey mode. The story of Alex Hunter is featured in this mode, a fictional character who rises to prominence in the world of professional football. The trailer and featured players and characters can be seen here:


I'm excited to play this mode as we've never seen anything like it in FIFA. While everyone will undoubtedly be jumping into Ultimate Team or Pro Clubs, I take pride in my single player modes that allow me to just enjoy the game on my own. The question, though, is just how good is this mode going to be? There are gameplay videos already leaking that allow you to see just exactly what goes on, and it's definitely a decision-based system. How Foster responds to questions and suggestions are determined by the player, RPG style. If this was just a pre-determined story, I wouldn't really be able to get excited for this.

Instead, we're getting an RPG-style decision making system in a sports game again. I know games such as NBA 2K have had these modes, but they haven't had the attention to detail that EA Sports are showing us in this mode. I could very well get hooked on this before even jumping into anything else.

FIFA 17 comes out in two weeks. Download the demo, enjoy playing, but be prepared for this new mode to truly captivate you.