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Nintendo was honored with the Game Developers Choice Award for innovation and game design for Wii Sports.  Not bad for a collection of highly polished tech demos (I can't say the same for Wii coming soon).  Zelda Twilight Princess was nominated for excellence in writing, which it most deservedly won.

These accolades are a sharp contrast to Spore dev Chris Hecker's inflammatory comments made during his alotted GDC rant.  While I don't fully agree with his decidedly excessive opinions, I must admit that the guy has a point.  In a warp-speed fast industry like gaming, Twilight Princess and Wii Sports can only sustain popularity for so long, even if they do deserve awards.  The public is fickle, the drought continues and my patience is wearing thin.  When will you truly amaze us, Nintendo?
 March 8, 2007
    Did You Know?
    Video Game Developers Honor Nintendo with Awards
    A jury of Nintendo's industry peers has honored the video game company 
with Game Developers Choice Awards for innovation and game design for Wii 
Sports(TM), which comes packed with Nintendo's hot-selling new Wii(TM) home 
system. Nintendo also won an award for writing for The Legend of Zelda(R): 
Twilight Princess.
    The awards were presented the evening of March 7 at the Game Developers 
Conference in San Francisco. They represent the peak of video game excellence, 
as voted on by game developers from around the world. The Game Developers 
Choice Awards Advisory Board also honored legendary Nintendo video game 
designer Shigeru Miyamoto with a Lifetime Achievement Award.
    "Wii Sports continues to resonate not only with consumers but also with 
the creative soul of the industry: the game developers themselves," says 
Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "Wii is designed to allow 
creativity to triumph over technical and financial barriers, and Wii Sports is 
a perfect example of how a great idea can succeed on its own."
    Wii Sports and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess were nominated for 
five awards in four categories.
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