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SMITE's 2016 Odyssey begins in the next patch

by: Nathan -
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As the end of the year approaches, so does the SMITE World Championship and with it comes the annual Odyssey event. A weekly event where new items and exclusive skins are released, all leading up to the SMITE World Championship in January. 

This year things will be a little different. For the previous two years, the only way to get the exclusive Tier 5 skin was to purchase every item available in the Odyssey. This year the Odyssey will be utilizing a leveling system with the highest level being level 21. All you have to do to get this years Tier 5 reward is to reach level 21. You can gain levels by either buying items or by completing quests. There will be 50 quests available over the course of the Odyssey but you can only do one per day. 

Here are the first four items available for this years Odyssey 

  • "Foxy" Amaterasu skin - 500 Gems 
  • Loading frame - 250 Gems
  • "Steel Samurai" Susano skin - 500 Gems
  • "Old Nu Wa" - Odyssey reward

That's not all. Hi-Rez is also introducing a new limited game mode, Xing Tian's mountain, a PVE experience where you and four other players will try to survive as many waves of enemies and MMO style raid bosses as you can. 

  • Players will begin at level 13 with 7500 Gold.
  • They will then fight a randomly selected encounter and try to defeat it in the time limit. Upon success, players will move to the next round which will be more difficult in defenses and damage.
  • The top players will be shown on a leaderboard, showcasing how long players can survive Xing Tian’s Mountain.

For the full list of patch notes, including all the buffs and nerfs. Be sure to check out SMITE's official website.

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