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Angel City coming to Titanfall 2 and customization options for pilots and titans

by: Rob -
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The first news out of ReSpawn is that Angel City, the classic map that featured prominently not just in the game but even the initial demo for the original, will be coming to Titanfall 2 as well. Coming in December and fully remastered, Angel City will be the first post launch map to hit the game. As stated previously, in an attempt to keep a vibrant playing community together, all additional maps will be made freely available to all players, not locked behind dlc. However, those who pre-order the game will get a three day head start on using the map, a decent compromise.

Angel City features a great mix of open space on the edges for titans with rooftops up high for pilot battles, and narrow lanes in between for the interplay between the two. It really showcased the best of what Titanfall can do. The big problem with the recent technical test, in my opinion, was that the maps were utter garbage. Too many open spaces, not enough parkour lanes, and the game devolved into a bland twitch shooter. The glory of the original was all about movement and it needs proper maps to let that shine. Angel City is sure to deliver on that end. 

Also announced, is that pre-orders for the game will get a few additional customization options for their titans. Buyers of the Digital Delux edition are going to get skins and audio packs for the Ion and Scorch, "Prime upgrades", as ReSpawn is labeling them. Other customizations will be available via DLC. So while there will be a way for ReSpawn to rake in a little extra, they claim it will only be cosmetic and not effect gameplay or allow players to buy an edge. 

You can get more on this news, as well as details on the customization over on the Titanfall official blog and there's a video on customization options below.

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