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One of these pics is your new No Man's Sky wallpaper

by: Randy -
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Thank heavens somebody over at Dead End Thrills is working on the clock. I've been waiting for one of those in-game photographers to take a swing at No Man's Sky, and it looks like "Barbarella" is on task. 

No matter what you think of the game [GN score 7 out of 10], the art style is incomparable. I'm tired of seeing the pre-launch "bullshots" used on gaming websites' articles. Those screens, released months before launch, didn't end up being the final product.

But the real deal screenshots—the kind taken by Dead End Thrills—are lovely nonetheless. Sure there's a little bit of quote-unquote cheating going on here, since Dead End Thrills uses software that lets them pause, kill the user interface, and move the camera around freely. Unmodded PC players and PlayStation 4 players can't do that. But otherwise? These are in-game shots. These aren't Sony PR posters. This is No Man's Sky. Visit Dead End Thrills for the whole photo album; your new wallpaper is somewhere in the bunch.

No Man's Sky launched on PC and PS4 a month ago on August 4.