NVIDIA gives you a gloomy Fallout 4 mod

by: John -
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Here's something that's rather interesting. While Nuka-World was released yesterday, NVIDIA's also getting into the Fallout 4 action with a mod of their own.

They've released a free mod that highlights a lot of NVIDIA's technology. The Vault 1080 mod lets you search through said Vault with an emphasis on features to make it look great like god rays, volumetric lighting, and HBAO+.

NVIDIA's touting about an hour's worth of gameplay, which is great and it's totally free. The vault should be the size of others so you'll have plenty to explore and the pictures make it look like it's got some really great visuals to make it look extra creepy.

More information can be found here and you can grab the mod from Bethesda.net.