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Low, medium, or ultra settings, No Man's Sky looks pretty much the same

by: Randy -
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No Man's Sky is the most pointless low vs. medium vs. ultra PC settings I've seen in any game yet. "Pointless" in the sense that, sorry, I'm just not seeing much of a difference here. Certainly not a difference worth chopping off your frame rate at the knees. Only in one of the shots—where you're staring right at the ground at your feet—did I note a tiny bit more detail for the ultra settings, and the ultra settings had to go from 100+ frames per second down to 40 in order to pull it off. Oh don't worry, No Man's Sky has had plenty of technical problems across the board. Personally, I'm one of the players catching the crash-after-an-hour-of-gameplay-for-no-reason bugs.

But you might have better eyes than mine when it comes to this video. It doesn't matter because I'm a console plebe anyway, getting my procedural mathematics fix on PlayStation 4. But you, yes, you there, with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card: Perhaps you can explain to the rest of the class what we're missing?

No Man's Sky launched on PlayStation 4 and PC about two weeks ago. The hot takes and the thinkpieces have been a heated battleground. Our review is coming down the pipe.