Here's an incredible hour's worth of footage showing how great looking Star Citizen is

by: John -
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Everytime Chris Roberts demonstrates Star Citizen, I just get wowed by how it looks. Playing it though is another story. But if this demonstration from Gamescom is any indication, this game could be incredible. 

Provided, of course, it comes out in its final form soon. The demo starts off with a bang with two players playing together, showing a planetary landing, and interaction with various parts of the ship. 

It's not just a space flying game, as a lot of the demo also shows off the first person aspect of the game. You'll interact with NPCs this way, and yes there will be combat in first person view as well. Seeing the cooperative play though between two players is really amazing and one of the great highlights of the presentation for me. 

There are no load screens. Everything transitions from one environment to the next without any pauses. Whether you walk around in a space station, or your ship, or a planet surface, it's all a seamless transition that truly increases your level of immersion by a ton.

The game does truly look amazing and it does look like it has potential to be the ultimate sci-fi video game.