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In Thimbleweed Park, a Dead Body is the Least of Your Problems

by: Michelle -
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Thimbleweed Park was once a vibrate and town with a dynamic business district, a luxury hotel, and the state's largest pillow factory. Now, Thimbleweed Park sits on the edge of a dusty highway and is on the verge of decay. When a dead body is discovered in the river, two federal agents are sent to investigate. 

The point and click adventure game is set to release in early 2017 on Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android. Designed to look like the original 8-bit games, Thimbleweed Park promises to bring back the "fuzzy feeling of playing a point & click adventure back when 8-bit was state of the art, puzzles were puzzles, and story ruled" while poking fun at the X-Files, True Detective, and Twin Peaks.