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Manhattan vs. an EVE Online Fortizar Citadel (spoiler: EVE wins)

by: Randy -
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Size comparisons between video game spaceships (or space bases, in this instance) are meaningless, but still so fun. EVE Online overlays a map of New York's Manhattan Island on top of a Fortizar Citadel. Player-owned citadels are one of the newer additions to EVE Online, turning player-owned bases into something magnificent to behold. 

Again, there's no point in knowing that a Fortizar Citadel is 69 miles long (nice). It's not like you have to catch an Uber from one end to the other, or walk around in a space station of that size. You're flying past it or simply to it at other astronomically made-up speeds. I love these videos anyway.

It's pretty easy to make a beautiful-looking space game. ("Pretty easy," he says.) But EVE Online is still one of the most gorgeous virtual constructions on the planet

EVE Online launched on PC in May 2003. It's gotten upgraded and patched and more beautiful every year. Fine wines, they say. If you've never latched onto the monstrous growth of the MOBA scene, maybe it's because you're missing the golden age of MMOs. I know I miss 'em. It's never too late to join EVE. Player corporations are looking for new recruits every day of the week.