Finally, career mode in FIFA 17 will be about more than just winning

by: Sean Cahill -
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The world of international football is a tough one to navigate for managers, especially those in the hottest seats in the world at Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and so on. Goals at these clubs are generally about hoisting silverware during the season, but more often than not, there are long-term goals that have to be met.

FIFA 17 is finally getting to Football Manager levels with a deeper career mode where managers are expected to not just have success on the pitch, but off it as well.

What you see in the image above is a five-tier ladder of success. Yes, there is the need to win on the pitch, especially at larger clubs that will compete both domestically and in continental tournaments such as the Champions League. However, there is the need to make sure the club's brand grows and finances are kept in order as well as making sure the next generation of players are developed properly. Players who love taking the lowest level teams such as in England's SkyBet League Two and try to reach the Premier League are going to love this.

There's more to read about the goals, but let's make sure that the new Frostbyte engine gets some showtime as we see the effect the new engine has on the game with manager model choices.

Yes, it does appear that the standard options of old, young, fat, average, and thin managers are gone and you'll actually get to see what your manager looks like. Also, doesn't the one in the lower left almost look like Dr. House?

There's more coming out every day about the upcoming football titles, and were a little over a month away from launch so stay tuned for more info!