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Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice releases in North America and Europe on September 8th. Demo available August 25th

by: Nathan -
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This is the moment that I have been waiting for since I finished Trials & Tribulations. Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice, the 6th game in the main series of Phoenix Wright titles will be releasing on September 8th in both North America and Europe and I am excited because we finally get the return of Maya Fey! Time for that Nick & Maya ship to set sail once again! This game will also feature the return of fan favorite Ema Skye who helped Phoenix along with Apollo Justice and Trucy through the power of science! The Ema Skye crime scene investigations were some of my favorite parts of the original Phoenix Wright game and Apollo Justice so I am extremely excited to see her return as well. 

Like Dual Destinies before it, this game will only be available via digital download and will be available for $29.99. 

If you have missed out on the series, now is the perfect chance to catch up because The Phoenix Wright Trilogy and Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies are currently on sale on the Nintendo 3DS e-shop until August 18th. If you are going to get into the series, don't forget to play Apollo Justice as well, which sadly isn't offered in the sale and, I could be wrong, but I believe isn't even available to download on the e-shop as well, which is strange since Apollo Justice was the 4th game in the series and continues the story after the third game. Jumping into Dual Destinies without playing Apollo Justice would be kind of confusing. 

There is just this warm, fuzzy feeling I get in my heart when I play Phoenix Wright games. These games features some of the most lovable characters I have ever seen in my entire life as a gamer and these games have top notch character development as well. I have loved watching all of these characters grow and change over the years. If I made a Top 10 list of my favorite female videogame characters of all time list, Maya Fey and Franziska Von Karma would absolutely both be in the top 5.