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Let's see the inside of an Xbox One S

by: John -
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The Xbox One S was made available yesterday and it didn't take long for iFixIt to tear it to pieces. They do a great job at breaking down the steps needed to take one apart should you want to try and fix one yourself.

As you can see, it comes apart pretty easily and the components are pretty modular, making the Xbox One S easy to repair. It nabbed a repair rating of 8 out of 10.

There's a nice big fan in there to keep things cool and the integrated power supply is a nice welcomed site. Inside is an 8-core AMD 1.75GHz CPU with a 914MHz Radeon GPU. These are typically called an APUs by AMD.

iFixIt even takes apart the new Xbox One S controller, but not to the extent of the Xbox One S. At least the batteries can be replaced.

All told, it looks like some nice internal design for the console and one that's accessible for repair if one should have an interest to do so.

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