Pokemon Sun and Moon introduce alola forms, new Pokemon, and z-moves

by: Russell -
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One thing I kind of criticized Nintendo for when they took over the Pokemon TCG from Wizards of the Coast was altering the types of certain Pokemon, such as making Psyduck psychic instead of water.  While Psyduck can learn psychic moves, he's technically still a pure water-type Pokemon.  It was a minor nitpick but still kind of bothered me a bit.  Well it seems now that the type changing has come to the video games as Pokemon Sun and Moon will introduce Alola Forms.

The trailer doesn't mention how Alola Forms will work, but does show a few generation one Pokemon that will have these forms and shows off the physical changes they'll undergo for them.  For instance, Exeggutor will look like a palm tree and will become part Dragon while Vulpix and Ninetails exchange their Fire for Ice with Ninetails also becoming part Fairy.  Again, it doesn't appear that these are how these Pokemon will be by default, but the trailer doesn't mention how to trigger the Alola Forms.

The trailer then goes on to introduce some new Pokemon including:

  • Oricorio (Flying/??? [either Fire, Electric, Psychic, or Ghost depending on where it's found])
  • Minior (Rock/Flying)
  • Gumshoos (Normal)
  • Formantis (Grass) and it's evolution Lurantis (Grass)
  • Mudbray (Ground) - either pre-evolved or baby form of Mudsdale

The trailer also briefly shows the ability to ride on Pokemon (you know, outside of using Fly and Surf) and the Island Challenge.  Finally are the brand new Z-Moves, a powerful move that you can unleash once per battle.  Each type will have a Z-move such as the electric move Gigabolt Havoc and the grass move Bloom Doom.  While the video has a clip where it says that "Pikachu surrounded itself with its Z-Power", it doesn't actually say how it's activated, whether you have to charge it up somehow or if its like Mega Evolutions where you can just activate it whenever you wish.