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The four pillars of No Man's Sky: Survive

by: Randy -
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Extreme heat. Extreme cold. Toxic air. Radiation levels. Survival is the final pillar of the four pillars that make up No Man's Sky gameplay. Hostile environments are your first adversary. Since air, land, and sea surrounds you, it's an even more immediate concern than, perhaps, deadly lifeforms. On the surface, underwater, flying through the sky—no part of the natural world wants you to live, let alone thrive, in No Man's Sky. The neutral universe is a cruel mistress.

Survival is no joke. It may very well be what keeps you moving through the universe. It may even be a better motivator than the stated goal of reaching the center of the galaxy, the center of that 14-quintillion-planet Tootsie Pop. Whelp, this planet wants me dead; better keep moving.

There will be the occassional Garden of Eden planet, but those are much rarer than previous videos might lead you to believe. The average planet is going to be unfriendly, maybe even ugly, and mostly unconcerned whether you live or die. You will be the only thing in the universe responsible for your survival. Can't wait.

Along with Survival, you can watch the other three pillars of No Man's SkyExplore, Fight, and Trade—to get a fuller picture of what makes up this most enigmatic title.

No Man's Sky launches on PlayStation 4 on August 9, and PC August 12.