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Playstation Plus games for August 2016

by: Aidan -
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Playstation have released details on next months Playstation Plus games. PS4 owners can get their hands on Tricky Towers, and Rebel Galaxy. The former being a physics based puzzler while the latter tries to coax out our inner space pirate. PS3 owners can choose either Yakuza 5 or Retro/Gade. PS Vita players will be offered Papton 3 and Ultratron. Ultratron will be available on all Sony gaming systems.

Make sure to add them to your library, even if you don't download them immediately. At least you'll have them on retainer if you ever feel the need. 


  • Tricky Towers: A physics based puzzler game.
  • Rebel Galaxy: Space combat RPG


  • Yakuza 5 -Open world action adventure
  • Retro/Grade - An indie music shoot-em up 

PS Vita

  • Patapon 3 - A 2D scrolling rhythm game?
  • UltratronAn arcade action twin-stick shooter