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The 4 pillars of No Man's Sky: Trade

by: Sean Colleli -
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We've previously looked at the exploration and combat of No Man's Sky. Part 3 in the 4 pillars trailer series focuses on trading. Director Sean Murray is typically vague about his game, describing it in rather poetic terms, but I think with trading we're starting to see the nuts and bolts of the gameplay.

In this respect it resembles many other survival games, just on a much bigger scale. Harvest resources, both on planets and by drilling asteroids, the trade those resources for upgrades, or craft something innovative on your own. The aspect I like the most is that to trade effectively you need to learn the languages of the various intelligent aliens inhabiting the galaxy. You wouldn't want to start an intergalactic incident just trying to upgrade your heat shields, would you?

No Man's Sky arrives August 9th.