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Dev diary brings you the latest Titanfall 2 news

by: Rob -
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As a software developer in my day job, I do find these developer videos a little more interesting than maybe the average joe. Even the little things like office layout and workspace for the staff I find intriguing. This latest video is an introduction to an upcoming series by Respawn about their upcoming FPS, Titanfall 2. It's hosted by Drew McCoy who you can tell is a big wig by the size of his office (he's a producer) and is just setting the stage for what's to come, but there is a subscribe link at the end to keep in touch with future entries in the series. So there should be lots more to come on the video scene. In the meantime, the Titanfall Blog is opening up about with more news, including the Multiplayer Technical Test. At the moment there is little more there except the announcement, but there will be a multiplayer beta coming some time before the October 28th release. 

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