An elegant way to store your Game Boy Cartridges

by: Sean Colleli -
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Are you a retro gamer who struggles to store your classic Game Boy cartridges? Youtube channel My Life in Gaming has a brilliantly simple solution for you. After trying a number of shelving and display options, from baseball card stands to numismatist cases, they settled on something elegant and effective: acrylic makeup stands!

These display stands are typically used for easy-access and organization of nail polish bottles and other assorted beauty products, but they also fit most Game Boy carts perfectly. They're cheap too--about $20 on Amazon. Game Boy and Game Boy Color games slot into the shelves neatly and attractively, both in and out of plastic protector cases. Even Game Boy Advance games work if you put them inside some third-party protectors.

The shelves also work for Game Gear, TG-16 and even N64 carts in a pinch. As a minor retro collector myself, I can express how rare it is to find an everyday household display solution that is both effective and looks good next to the rest of my collection.

Source: My Life in Gaming