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LawBreakers dev diary: tips on playing the Enforcer

by: Sean Colleli -
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LawBreakers introduced the Enforcer earlier this week and now the team at Boss Key have some suggestions on how to make the most of this class. The Enforcer has three main weapons: a taster pistol, a battle rifle, and shoulder mounted missiles. Like other characters the Enforcer also has a melee attack, which can be chained with the taser for brutal close-quarters takedowns.

The Enforcer also has the ability to juggle two targets at once, by locking on to a distant enemy with the missiles while chipping at a closer one using the rifle. The Enforcer's time dilation ability can also be used for rapid traversal and assisting teammates with tricky opponents.

I like how LawBreakers looks so far. It might not have the goofball personality of Overwatch, but it seems to be the clear choice for more seasoned FPS players.

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