Mafia III reveals some backstory on the game's protagonist in latest trailer

by: Rob -
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What often separates a truly great open world game from just another sandbox is the narrative a given attempt will try to craft. 2K is giving it their best shot in the upcoming Mafia III. In the latest trailer, we get a glimpse at the central character in the story, Lincoln Clay. Clay is an orphan who returns to Vietnam to avenge his adopted family that's been wiped out by the Italian Mafia. The trailer touches on the allies he'll be joining in his personal war, some flashes of gameplay, and a note on the enemy. It's more of one to set the mood rather than flesh out plot details. I guess we'll have to wait for the the game for that. Although If you'd like a deeper glimpse at the New Orleans style fictional locale that will be the setting for all this mayhem, take a closer look at a New Bordeaux.

Mafia III releases October 7th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.